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Remove Stuck On Dirt From Tile and Grout

After months of heavy traffic, your tile floors and grout will collect dust and dirt that seems impossible to clean. Grout acts like a concrete sponge, sucking in years of dirt and soapy cleaning solutions. Before you decide to completely replace your flooring, reach out to Indoor Air Specialist in Houston, Texas.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our Dirt and Grime Cleaning Solution

In order to remove this grime, our team uses a special concrete and grout cleaner with a high PH that is sprayed with a high-pressure cleaning system mounted on our truck. This method of cleaning blasts away years of dirt, making your floors look like new again.

Preliminary Inspections

Our team generally bids and inspects all tile and grout cleaning jobs in person. This allows you to be able to see for yourself what type of service you are spending your hard earned money on.